About Our Chef


Jasmeet is our Master Chef. His career of taste tickling goes back 30 years. During these 3 decades, he worked with top 5-star Hotels and best restaurants in India and New Zealand.

He has a magic with the difference spices and medleys he everyday create with them. When Jasmeet is in kitchen, spices come to life. He has an aroma magician with Asafoetida, Bay leaf, Black Pepper, Black salt, Cardamom, Chilli, Cloves, Coconut powder, Coriander, Cumin seeds, Curry Leaves, Fennel seeds, Ghee, Mustard seeds, Onion, Turmeric and lot more. He loves telling interesting stories of creating impressive, delicious, appetizing and filling foods that have spanned these long years.

Our Customers love the great ambience and most importantly tasty Indian food prepared by Jasmeet. Come in, we are happy to serve you.

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